January 6, 2020--March 20, 2020

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Big Billy's Cafe

10:00 AM -- 5:00 PM


Easter Day--Closed

Thanksgiving Day--Closed

Christmas Eve--Closed

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Big Billy's Café


Our hamburger meat is purchased from Andy's Market which is grass fed and locally grown beef. We Hand Patty each of our hamburgers and cook them fresh to order!

Our Pork is also purchased from Andy's Market and is slow cooked on site then grilled fresh to order!

Our Jumbo Hot Dogs are Alpha Dogs which are all beef, nitrate free. They are from our local "Coach Joe"!

We also offer a veggie burger which is the "Skye Burger" that is local; each patty is hand made. Our Veggie Burgers are fresh and grilled to order!

(All Sandwiches Include Chips----Drinks Not Included)
Hamburger---- (Add Cheese / Add Bacon / Add Chili)
Porky Butt Sandwich----(Add Cheese  / Add Bacon)

Porky Butt Nacho's----(Add Chili / Add Jalapeno's)

Road Kill Chicken Sandwich----(Add Cheese / Add Bacon)
Jumbo Hot Dog---(Add Nacho Cheese / Add Bacon / Add Chili)
Grille Cheese----(Add Bacon / Add Tomato)
BLT Sandwich----(Add Cheese)

Big Billy Burger----(2--1/4 LB Patties, 2 pcs. cheese, Bacon, Chili)

Dexter Burger----(2--1/4 LB Patties, 2 pcs. cheese, Bacon, 1/4 BBQ Pork)

Veggie Burger (Skye Burger)----(Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cilantro Mayo)
Kids Grille Cheese
Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly

Kids Hot Dog

Nacho’s----(Add Jalapeno’s / Add Chili)

Buckeye (Fresh Handmade)
Oreo Ball (Fresh Hand Made)
Chocolate Covered Bacon (Fresh Cooked Thick Smoked Bacon and Dipped in Chocolate)
Fresh Homemade Fudge

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Award  Winning Nitro Made Ice Cream---(Additional Topping  / Split Charge)


Boiled Peanuts----Large------Small